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Avalon Organic Gardens & Ecovillage is one of the world's largest and longest sustaining EcoVillages, situated on 227-acres of historic & sacred agricultural land in Southern Arizona's fertile Santa Cruz River Valley. At Avalon Gardens, over 115 dedicated individuals practice farming using traditional permaculture principles and time-honored techniques of organic gardening, as well as new sustainable technologies. We have people from all over the world with a diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds.

We are a fully operational micro-society showcasing the success we have had incorporating a modern lifestyle within the sustainable context of a land-based society.

In addition to pursuing the classical "off-grid" definition of sustainability, the EcoVillage also pursues self-sufficiency by providing meaningful vocational work, ongoing education, spiritual exploration, and dynamic cultural experiences to each of the committed, residential members of the EcoVillage.

For members of the EcoVillage, life here is an ongoing statement of disagreement with the predominant system of greed and extortion that rules Western, consumerist lifestyles...

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Aerial photo over Avalon Gardens

About The EcoVillage

The Avalon Gardens Community


As an ecovillage, we are ever striving to become increasingly self-sustaining. We incorporate modern, cutting-edge technologies with sustainable practices that have been in use for thousands of years around the world, many of which have been abandoned by the unrealistic consumer society we live in today in America. We are dedicated to educating ourselves and others about the state of our fragile Mother Earth, and the ever-growing need for each one of us to assume responsibility for her care. Equally important to us are our social and ethical practices which encourage honest, loving, and respectful communication in order to create an emotionally and spiritually sustainable environment.

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The Avalon Gardens Community


Avalon Gardens is beyond organic; we provide Deo produce that is not only pesticide and chemical-free but is spiritually-infused with the loving intention and cosmic consciousness of the hands and hearts that put our seed to soil.  It is the gathering of a union of souls from around the world and all walks of life joining together in the recognition that we are one planetary family under one Creator that makes Avalon Gardens extraordinary.

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The Avalon Gardens Community


The cooperation and cohesion of the talents and experiences of people from widely diverse backgrounds creates a synergistic environment of endless possibilities.  This atmosphere of teamwork and symbiosis is conducive to a burgeoning creativity continually bringing forth innovative ideas and solutions for the many needs of our ever-changing world and in fostering a regenerative and sustainable culture.

We believe in the symmetry of ancient wisdom and modern technology to bring forth the most beneficial applications and tools for our various enterprises. In coordination with time-honored and tested practices, we also use cutting edge technology to increase efficiency and production. We have designed our own software system for the management, data tracking, projections, scheduling, and applications for all of our gardens and pastures, from planting to harvest and distribution.

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The Avalon Gardens Community


This Global Temple will serve humanity with classrooms and a library of unique spiritual books of all religions, to train students of The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion as administrators, human-rights ministers, and healers of the first stage of light and life, and a global reminder of the soon-coming of the Promised One of all religions.

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