Organic bee honey harvesting, at Avalon Organic Gardens and Ecovillage.
This is a certified bee friendly garden.

Pollinators and Bees

Historically, bees have played an extremely vital role in pollinating food crops as well as adding to the sweetness of life through the production of honey. We at Avalon Gardens maintain several hives in our fields and apiaries to increase crop yields as well as produce a supply of organic honey.

Natural Beekeeping Organically

The bee population is diminishing around the world due to the introduction of pesticides into agriculture, mono-cropping, and the irresponsible breeding of queen bees to produce a bee that fits within the industry framework, ultimately to make profit.

We at Avalon Organic Gardens are striving to bring bee keeping back to what it once was, not only by using organic bee keeping methods, but also by reestablishing working colonies from native bee stock, avoiding the genetically dysfunctional varieties that are currently dying around the world to " colony collapse disorder. "

Keeping wild bees is a lost art that few are willing to reestablish in this fast moving and profit-based economy, but within an ecovillage and community supported agriculture we are able to experiment and learn this lost art once more. Re-learning and practicing this art of hive maintenance and revival is a great contributor to the common good of the planet; a planet which is in dire need of help in keeping the bee populations, and consequently our agricultural life, alive.

Southern Arizona Bee Removal

We collect our bees from homes in our local area. When people have a hive or swarm of bees in their homes or property and they want to have them removed humanely and without exterminating them, they call us. We relocate the bees to our 220-acre gardens to pollinate and provide honey. This allows the vital native bees of southern Arizona to fly on, while providing us with a service and product.

If you would like to have us remove a colony from your home, or if you would like more information about wild bee keeping, feel free to contact us (520) 398-9460.

Certified Bee Friendly

Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage has officially been certified as both a bee-friendly farm and a bee-friendly garden by the P.F.S.P. (Partners for Sustainable Pollination). The certification is a recognition of our efforts to maintain a sustainable and provisional habitat for bees, our involvement in local honey purchasing, and more!