Our horses enjoy green pastures.
Horse back riding lessons is one of the many things our kids learn here at the ecovillage.
Ponies enjoying the last vestages of sunlight for the day.
Our children enjoy giving love to the burros.

Horse Programs

Equine Therapy for Humans and Horses

Rescue Horses: Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage is home and a safe haven to a number of rescue horses which have been afforded much rehabilitation and care within our EcoVillage. Having survived their personal histories of neglect, abandonment, and abuse, Avalon Gardens provides these animals quite a contrasting opportunity for health with a beautiful new life. Please contact us if you wish to support our care and rehabilitation of horse rescues.

Avalon Gardens has been for over two decades, providing residential sustainability mentorships, life skills, and community-development training for socially challenged teens and adults.

Equine-assisted therapy is an integral part of many individualized rehabilitation programs as equines naturally enhance soul-building confidence, boundaries, groundedness, personal responsibility, spiritual virtues, service-mindedness, and hope. Many participants from Avalon Gardens Intership Programs have gone on as equine trainers and as mentors for equine-assisted therapy and horsemanship for rehabilitation participants. This is a wonderful program; it generates amazingly caring humans as well as trustworthy, lighthearted fourleggeds.

Avalon Gardens horses, ponies, and miniatures, as well as our mule and donkey, are blessings to our little children and teens' year-round horsemanship training.

Children can begin their loving relationships with ponies and horses at very young ages, develop themselves with vaulting/horse gymnastics, Western, English, and combination free-style riding.

Our schools attract children with exceptional talent and sensitivities who greatly benefit and develop their uniqueness from contact with the equine's magical world.

As part of a nonprofit, donations toward our horse programs at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage are tax-deductible and very much appreciated by our rescue horses, rehabilitation participants, and children's school's wide-variety of ongoing needs.

Avalon Organic Gardens Horse Boarding

We offer full time pasture turnout with partial graze on bermuda grass and alfalfa as well as supplemental feed seasonally.

Amazingly, horses are a part of Avalon Gardens permaculture sustainability practice! Our herds are kept small and are included in our rotational pasture management for both the health of both the horses and the pastures. Involving our horses in the rotational grazing affords them the health benefit of getting to know their neighbors, including but not limited to: our dairy and meat goats, grass-fed beef and dairy cattle, chicken and turkey mobiles, and llamas. Of course all of our pastures have adequate shading, including large lush trees as well as a healthy supply of clean water.

Call for more information and rates: 520-603-9932