Visitor Testimonials

Community members enjoying planting in the gardens. We're all friends here! The nursury is where we can start our food from seed. We use tractor implimentations to help us in the gardens.

Thanks so much for your outstanding newsletter!

I hope you submit it in any national e-newsletter contests because it deserves recognition and multiple awards for content and presentation.

I have forwarded the current issue including the "Feeding Hawaii" article to a friend who's running for elective office in Hawaii. When I lived there, fighting GMOs was a big issue for many of us, and continues to this day.

Thanks again for the important work you all do at Avalon Gardens,

Renée Neumann
Green Valley, AZ

Thanks for a great eight days. Everyone was gracious and kind and willing to share their expertise. I am a visual, hands-on learner. I so much appreciate being able to see and do farm work, dairy work along with getting to see the bees and beekeepers in action.

- Sue Cannon

Great tour, delicious lunch. Great to see the children and community. I’d love to come and be involved in a building project.

- Su Washington

Our students had a tremendous (although hot!) experience working alongside your master gardeners, touring the gardens and Eco-Village and learning more about a thriving and established sustainable community.

- Anita Clouesko-Wharton

"This experience was phenomenal and the most valuable learning experience of my life. Being able to work one on one with experts in the field, ask questions, and live among like-minded people all contributed to making this an unforgettable experience…I love you all for being the compassionate, counter-culture, wisdom-filled people that you are! Thank you for being dedicated to something that can serve as a model for the world’s future…"

- Sara Bajor, York, Pennsylvania

"The atmosphere of love that is extended to visitors/participants is very welcoming and truly heartfelt - making the entire experience a living example of what is possible in a harmonious world."

- Ellen Silverman, Tucson, Arizona

"The tour was extremely educational and interactive. Thank you!"

- Stacy Maxham, Farmington, Maine

"Our tour was wonderful; wish we could have stayed longer! Thank you."

- Wes Oswald

"I began my sustainable agriculture internship focused on learning how the community is environmentally sustainable. I was searching for ways to improve the condition of the planet, through hands-on work. The gardening, animal care, herb classes, cheese making, meal preparation, and GCCA Schools observing taught me an amazing amount more than I originally hoped. I realized that true sustainability involves a lot more than carbon footprints. It is love of God, cooperation between brothers and sisters, leadership under strong yet humble leaders, and the courage to create a higher reality no matter what others think. It is what has enabled Avalon Gardens to grow bountiful crops in an extreme desert climate and have a huge positive impact on the surrounding communities among other successes.

The community members supervising me were real teachers, explaining in detail how to do each task as well as why it was being done. I sensed that God's presence within them brought their teaching to a higher level. With all of the community members, I felt comfortable since the first day I arrived.

The 3-month internship was part of my gap between high school and college. Though I have not attended college yet, I realize that the educational value of being here went far beyond what college studies can provide. An internship at Avalon Gardens is meaningful experiential learning and an opportunity to understand truth and simplicity in a complex society.
Thank you so much for this life-changing experience!
Note: I did not write directly about the spiritual meaning of my internship because I'm not sure if this is the right place."

- Olivia Ersek, Gorham, Maine

"I'm really inspired! Thanks so much!"

- Moses Thompson

"I had a great time and enjoyed meeting new people. Learned a bit too! Fantastic lunch. Beautiful grounds. Thanks!"

- Laura Cleveland, Patagonia, Arizona

"The connections made here - meeting Caleb, David, Tarenta and Anyan was well worth the trip. Plus, getting caught up with VanMon & Kamon! Keep up the good work!"

- Justin Mceldowney, Patagonia, Arizona

"I was happy with the tour. There are a lot of talented people around here. I'm glad to call everyone here friends."

- Jim Oakes, Farmington, Maine

"[Avalon Organic Gardens has] the example of work that the guest speakers enact on the premises."

- Gabriel Delgado

"I will be recommending/sharing my experience with others. Thank you."

- Billy Robb

"Today was a gorgeous, crisp spring morning at Avalon and our students had a great time! After they had raked for about 25 minutes in the goats' pen, Tarenta offered to have them weed in the onion rows and this was such a welcome new experience, requiring new skills and new muscles to use and connecting our workers to the growth cycle of the food they routinely consume. We very much appreciate Tarenta's willingness to expose them little by little to the steps involved in growing a vegetable garden. This does not mean that the goats have fallen in disfavor. Our students love them dearly and enjoy cleaning their pens and petting them. I also wanted to let you know that our school year is winding down and that we have probably 4 more Thursdays left to visit Avalon, our last one being May 16. The new school year begins August 5. We expect to have a slightly stronger work crew next year and will keep you posted on how things shape up. Thank you for sharing your beautiful grounds with our students and for making sure that each time they visit, they feel welcome; they always look forward to coming to Avalon. Godspeed,"

- Agnes Bolesta and her supervisor Heather DeFazio at Sahuarita High School's Project Inspire